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Third Party Containment/Inspection Quality Representation Outsourced


We support manufacturers (OEMs, 1st and 2nd tier suppliers) to maintain the highest quality levels within their facilities, while improving FTQ (first time quality) and ultimately reduce COQ (cost of quality) and warranty cost. We provide suppliers preventative opportunities in handling quality issues with their customers, and aid in improving communications with on-site representation. Over twenty manufacturing facilities have trusted us to maintain positive relationships with their customers.

Activities to support this have included:     

1. Initiating and monitoring both customer-mandated and supplier-initiated sorting and containment efforts.


2. Implementing inspection and rework procedures to minimize costs to both customer and supplier.


3. Provide ongoing outsourced quality representation to further reduce total quality cost and improve customer satisfaction.    

We are located in Bowdon, Georgia, which is on the Georgia-Alabama state line (just off interstate 20). This allows us easy access to any location in the Southeastern U.S.